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Mobile is possible to access Wikipedia on wireless devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. Several methods exist for this and each has advantages and disadvantages.


Lagu is an Indonesian gamelan musical ensemble's term for melody. Computers can now display television and film-style video clips and streaming media, encouraged by increased processor speed, storage capacity, and broadband access to the Internet. General-purpose computing hardware can now be used to capture, store, edit, and transmit television and movie content, as opposed to older dedicated analog technologies.


digital video in three dimensions, premiered at the end of 20th century. Six or eight cameras with realtime depth measurement are typically used to capture 3D-video streams. The format of 3D-video is fixed in MPEG-4 Part 16 Animation Framework eXtension (AFX).


MP3 is the more popular digital audio encoding and lossy compression format, it is designed to significantly reduce the amount of audio data, and for most user's auditory perception, and replaying sound quality compared to the original compressed audio without a clear decline. It was in 1991, located in Germany de: Erlangen research organization Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft a group of engineers of the invention and standardization.


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